TPG Disclosure Policy

Business Description - The purpose of The Payroll Group (TPG) is to develop a vehicle where, as a group, we can speak with a united voice and whereby we may help one another with no disservice to ourselves.  Regarding Membership, TPG adheres to a 35-mile radius area of protection for members; meaning that if there is currently a member in a particular area, no other members within 35 miles of that location will be contacted regarding membership, unless the current member allows for an exception.  Members are also required to participate in two out of every three Annual Conferences in order to retain eligibility as a member.  Membership Dues for TPG are $200 for the first location; and $150 for each additional location up to a maximum of three locations.  TPG provides an E-list chat group for members to participate in.
Ethics Statement - Members will operate in an ethical manner, and use reasonable efforts to be fiscally responsible when managing client data, client bank accounts and funds.  Members will be in compliance with applicable legal requirements for the payroll industry while extending professional courtesy to clients and fellow TPG members. 
Privacy Policy - TPG collects the following basic information on members: Name, Office Address(es), Phone, Fax, Email Address and dues collection information.  This information is used to mail and email communications and updates related to TPG activities.  Contact information is located on the TPG website.  Members can update their own profile on the TPG website, and/or contact the Central Office with updates to their contact information, 913-384-1958.
TPG Dues - TPG members can pay dues by mailing in a check or paying on the TPG Dues Form on the website.  Due to PCI Compliance TPG cannot process your credit card for you.

Contact TPG - If you need to contact TPG to update contact information, request dues information or general inquiries; please:
Call 913-384-1958 (M - F, 8:30am - 5pm CT)
Fax: 913-384-5112
TPG Central Office
4919 Lamar Ave.
Mission, KS 66202